Monitor Multiple Folders Simultaneously for Creating Backup Using BlueFish File Mirror

BlueFish File MirrorBlueFish File Mirror monitors two identical folders (up to 100) and maintains any changes, copying to another root folder in real-time. BlueFish can only mirror changes after it starts, so folders must be identical before running the program. Also, the BlueFish only monitors physical file changes, not attributes such as date, time, and read-only changes.

With these features the BlueFish File Mirror is excellent for backup purposes as the changes to the files and folders are transfer the same time which changes took place.

Download BlueFish File Mirror

BlueFish File Mirror

Features :

  • [advt]The program can start as a service before a user logs on the system.
  • Automatic delete of the log file when it reaches a certain size in KB.
  • Right click menu with options for the program.
  • Synchronize command for copy the entire source into destination.
  • The program will not deadlock itself for three minutes with a locked file anymore.
  • The program will understand which is the destination and source folders using┬áthe label of the volume and not the volume letter.
  • FTP support for remote backup.
  • Dummy operation for monitoring folders but not change or copy any files.
  • Support for a second root folder ( maximum three different destinations including FTP )
  • The user can designate a destination folder as safe destination ( not delete operation is valid and the program keeps an one day backup for small files (<30MB) )

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