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mikogo-logoMikogo is a desktop sharing software application for web conferencing and remote support. It is a set of screen sharing tools to do online meetings, web conferences, remote desktop control, web presentations, Product Demos and Webinars.

With Mikogo, you can transfer files of up to 200MB in size live over the Internet. It allows you to select which applications you wish to share during the session, and which ones you would prefer to keep hidden.


  • Desktop Sharing.
  • Multiple Meeting Participants.
  • Switch Presenter.
  • Remote Keyboard and Mouse Control.[advt]
  • Initial Viewing Direction and Remote Control Settings.
  • Session Scheduler.
  • Session Recording and Playback.
  • Transfer Files.
  • Application Selection.
  • Participant Pointer.
  • Copy/Paste/Email Meeting Info.
  • Pause Transmission.
  • Adjust Speed/Quality Settings.

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  1. Hi Sree,

    Thanks a lot for the Mikogo write up on TECK.IN. We’re still planning further releases for this year including a Linux version and mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android. Stay tuned for more from Mikogo!

    Andrew Donnelly
    The Mikogo Team
    Twitter: @Mikogo

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