Reliance Voice Mail Service Automatic Answering Machine – Dial *410 to Activate

Reliance Mobile LogoReliance Mobile’s Voicemail service (VMS) is your personal answering machine that will record messages whenever you are not reachable. To activate VMS service dial *410. This facility is not available for Reliance GSM customers.

The service can be activated to record messages in the following situations:

  • When you are not reachable (e.g. out of coverage area or phone not switched on) or an incoming call is not answered
  • When you are busy on another call alternatively, you divert all incoming calls automatically to the voicemail (not recommendable)


  • Your voicemail box can hold up to five messages.[advt]
  • You will be alerted of new voicemail messages by SMS.
  • Unchecked messages will be stored for four days.
  • After listening to a message, you can save it for two days.
How to use (CDMA)
With your Reliance Mobile handset

  • In your home circle, you can retrieve messages by calling *600.
  • On reaching the voicemail system, enter your password. The default password for all customers is 1234, which can be changed to any other 4-digit code.
  • At present, you will not be able to retrieve your messages with your Reliance Mobile outside your home circle.
With any other phone

  • Dial 3033 3600 from any circle where Reliance has coverage.
  • In an area with no Reliance coverage, you can retrieve messages by dialling 3033 3600 preceded by the STD code of any location with Reliance coverage. You can save money by choosing the closest such location.
  • On reaching the voicemail system, enter the complete city STD code followed by your Reliance Mobile number and then press # (hash). (For example, 022 3123 4567#).
  • Enter your password.
Recording / changing the caller greeting

  • Call the voicemail service (*600 within home circle, or 3033 3600 from other locations).
  • Enter your password.
  • Press 2.
  • Press 1.
  • Follow the prompt messages.

You can also create situation-specific messages, for example when you are busy or not reachable. When the caller reaches the voicemail, s/he will hear that specific message.

Changing your password
Your default password is 1234. You can change your password to any other 4-digit combination.

  • Dial the voicemail system (*600 within home SDCA, or 3033 3600 from other locations).
  • Enter your current password.
  • Select ‘Change settings’ and the Number 2 option.
  • Follow the voice prompts to change the password.


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