Reduce the Size of Digital Photos – Photo Razor

Photo Razor is free software to reduce size of digital photos. It works with photos taken from digital cameras. It can mass resize photos to reduce their size, and adjust image quality. While resizing photos, it leaves original photos as it is, and creates a separate reduced size copy of the photos.

How to Reduce Size of Digital Photos ? 

Photo Razor is quite easy to use. Just download and install this software. After that, you can specify the folder that has all the digital photos that you want to resize. Then you can specify the folder in which you want to place resized photos. After that, you can specify maximum size of output photos, and adjust image quality. You can even preview the photos to see how they will look after resizing. Once you are satisfied with the settings, just click on “Resize Photos Now” button and Photo Razor will resize digital photos.

Download Photo Razor

Features of Photo Razor:

  • You can resize all the photos in a folder, or even choose to resize individual photos.
  • [advt]Supported images formats are: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF.
  • Preview photos before resizing.
  • Change color photos to Black and White.
  • Rotate Photos
  • Adjust quality of output photos.

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