Qbend – Ebook Service for Buying and Publishing Books

Qbend is ebook service that offer users to buy ebooks from its website and also publish their books for a nominal fee. Qbend has launched its ebook service in India. Now customers can buy eBooks  from a variety of Indian as well as international authors right form the Qbend store.

The publications are compatible with both Android and iOS based devices and are available for both tablets as well as smartphone devices. There is no dedicated application available from the service provider for accessing or reading these titles as the titles are available in PDF as well as ePub formats which can be easily read using software’s that support Adobe Digital rights Management access control technology.

Qbend presently has over 300,000 titles on a variety of subjects or topics. You can subscribe or rent any number of books or journals. There are no limitations set by Qbend. It also allowing publishers to print their books. It converts files into all formats (and will keep up to speed with emerging formats), creates branded Web stores that present the publisher’s face while Qbend does all the work, and offers multichannel sales.


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