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Puran Defrag is free disk defragment software that you can use to easily defragment hard drive. It comes with automatic defragmentation, boot time defragmentation, scheduled defragmentation, defragmentation of selected files and folders, and intelligent defragmentation. Puran Defrag is completely free for private and non-commercial use.

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  • Puran Intelligent Optimizer: Puran Intelligent Organizer is an interesting feature of Puran Defrag. It reorganizes your hard drive so that frequently used files are placed towards outer side of hard drive. This is because it is fastest to read a file from outer edges. The files that are less frequently used are placed towards inside.
  • Directory Consolidation: Disk defrags software consolidate files so that all parts of a file are located together in a disk. Puran Defrag goes even a step further, and even consolidates directories together.
  • Faster Access to temporary Files: Windows creates tons of temporary files during its operation and it important that Windows is able to access those files quickly. For that, Puran Defrag frees up some space from faster disk area, so that Windows can use it to place temporary files. Windows removes many of those temporary files itself, but it is also a good idea to use a temporary file cleaner.
  • Automatic Defragmentation: It lets you setup a defragmentation schedule so that your computer is automatically defragmented. This is quite useful if you tend to forget to defragment hard drive regularly. It gives you lot of options to schedule defragment. You can setup defragmenters to run after every few hours, or few minutes, or any day of week, or on any particular day every month, or even defrag at every startup.
  • Boot Time Defragment: Puran Defrag can also defrag while your Windows is booting up. This is essential because some of the files can’t be defragmented once the Windows has fully loaded. Some of these file types include MFT, PageFile, etc. Puran Defrag also lets you schedule boot time defragment. For example, you can schedule your PC to defragment at every first boot in a day.
  • Select Files or Folders to Defragment: Puran Defrag lets you select files or folders that you want to defragment. This is useful if you do not want to defragment and entire drive, but want to quickly defragment some folders.
  • [advt]Select files or folders that you don’t want to Defragment: Similarly, Puran Defrag also lets you exclude some files or folders from disk defragment process. You can also choose to exclude files by using wildcards.
  • Low Priority Mode: This mode is useful when you are using your computer while disk defragment is running. In this case, Puran Defrag runs defragmentation as a low priority process so that it does not impacts normal functioning of your computer.

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