Online Tool for Creating Websites for Small Business – Edicy

Edicy is a tool for creating websites online. It’s built for small businesses globally and focuses on users with little or no experience with computers. The light-weight user interface offers drag and drop editing experience and makes it one of the fastest tools to build websites with. Edicy features rich text and photo editing, picture galleries, form builder and supports multi-language site structure. It is compatible with all the major browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. Major competitors of Edicy are Weebly, Yola,Jimdo, Webnode, Squarespace, Webs, Google Sites.

[advt]Edit everything: texts, pictures, videos, tables, maps and widgets  on the spot. Edit (scale, resize, crop) pictures right inside the text. Build powerful forms to receive feedback or orders from the visitors. Organize photos in stunning galleries. All those complex tasks solved, in a simple way.

With Edicy, your site will have all the tools necessary to make it rise to the top of search engines. It offer advice and easy integration with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and meta tags is user friendly built templates.-

Sites on Edicy can be in multiple languages at the same time. Edicy itself can be used in 20 languages so that your site’s users and visitors can interact in their native tongue. Also, your website can sport any domain name ending

Every nuance of every tool is designed until it fits the rule of simplicity. That’s why you do everything inside the browser. Build forms, edit pictures on spot. Upload stacks of files by just drag-dropping them from desktop.


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