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Syncplicity was founded to solve the challenge of securely accessing, syncing, sharing, backing up and managing files in complex computing environment. The company offers the first comprehensive and secure approach to managing files that is fully optimized for the cloud computing paradigm.

More data than ever before is being generated and stored in more places — on desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, and in cloud applications like Google. Many disparate data exist and users struggle to securely find, access, share, and back up their files across all their devices from anywhere and at any time. Syncplicity solves this challenge without requiring users to move their data to a new place or change how and where they work with their files.

With Syncplicity, users and organizations are able to manage, sync, back-up, share and collaborate with their files in one comprehensive and easy to use cloud-based solution. Syncplicity Personal Edition serves both prosumers and individual consumers who want to take the hassle and uncertainty out of managing their files. Syncplicity products are available online for trial or purchase, and the company has an Authorized Reseller Program.


  • Access to all your files and documents, anytime from anywhere, no matter where you first saved them. Updated files will be available on every computer you use, instantly with no VPN required.
  • Share your files and folders quickly and securely with your colleagues. Uploads and changes made by anyone are instantly and effortlessly available to everyone.
  • Manage your files without lifting a finger. Syncplicity ensures your files and folders are safe, updated and instantly accessible across every computer and mobile device.
  • No Limits on storage, files, folders, file sizes, users, or computers. Simply add more as your needs grow.
  • Easy to get started and to use. No upfront fees, no long-term commitment. Seamless integration with Windows, Mac OS, file servers, and cloud applications means you don’t have to change the way you work.
  • Protect your files with automatic back-up and Syncplicity’s unique instant restore and IT retention policy. Never lose another file or version.

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