Snap2HTML – Create Records of Files and Folders on Your PC

Snap2HTML is free, portable tool which makes it easy to create a record of the files and folders on your PC. And that can be extremely useful for troubleshooting purposes. It outputs a nicely formatted page that uses modern techniques and looks much like an application window. Email your friend a copy of Snap2HTML, though, and all he has to do is choose the root folder for the report, and click “Create Folder Snapshot”. It will then scan all the folders and files beneath this root folder, saving their details in a ready-to-email, self-contained HTML report.

And the best part is that the HTML report has the look and feel of Explorer. So you can browse the folder tree in the left-hand pane, choose a folder of interest, and immediately see each file it contains, their size and last modified date.

Download Snap2HTML 


  • Create folder listings and save as HTML
  • Listings with file explorer “look and feel”
  • [advt]File search function
  • Sortable file list views
  • Unicode support
  • Portable

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