Promote Events Online via Twitter and Facebook using Caltweet

CalTweet is an Event Promotion Application for Twitter. Caltweet is the shortform for Calender Tweet. Using CalTweet, you can Tag, Share and Promote Events via Online Social Media. With its advanced RSVP system, event sharing, ability to invite ALL of your followers with the press of a button, auto retweets, reminders, google map integration, free promotion and much much more.

What is Calendar Tweet

  • Tag, Share, and Promote events on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Auto Tweet your events up to four times a day, so you can promote your events even when you are asleep.
  • Monitor Twitter promotion by amount of RSVPs and page views. Print out guest list for special promotions.
  • Automatic reminder sent to all expected Attendees 12 and 6 hours prior to the event to increase turnout.
  • Invite your followers to the event with the click of a button.
  • When users RSVP it tweets their attendance to increase exposure for your event. Users also have the option of retweeting your event, posting it to facebook and inviting their own followers to your event.
  • Login by clicking the button in the top right via your Twitter Account and get started.

Creating Event using Caltweet

Go to “Create Event” tab and fill in the form click “Submit Event“. The event will then post to your Twitter status and will be added to your profile as a recent event and your My Calendar page. Other users can then RSVP your event. Your next step is to invite the followers with our easy to use invitation system.

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