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Twitdom is a Twitter applications directory service that lists and promotes Twitter applications. Twitdom was launched to promote apps written using the Twitter API and also to make it easier for Twitter users to find apps that they might like. Twitdom provides reviews of Twitter apps that are categorized and tagged, as well as covers books and news related to Twitter. There are currently 1895+ applications listed in twitdom.

You can post your own Twitter application in


Twitdom provides desktop apps (for windows, Mac, linux), Adobe AIR apps, Java Apps, Mobile Apps (for iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Windows Mobile, Blackberry) and Web Apps. It provides apps for iPad and Google android too. Twitdom provides browser apps which includes bookmarklets, greasemonkey scripts, plugins and toolbar.

In addition to this twitdom provides tools for profile management, brand management through twitter, twitter games. It provides helper apps like short urls, photo sharing tools, file and video sharing tools. It provides maps and music apps too. Tools for statistical analysis like trends and ranking are also available in twitdom. Classifieds, event management, finance apps, location based, survey/polls, weather apps are available in twitdom.

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