PrintWhatYouLike – Cuts Down Web Pages for Printing is print web pages without wasting reams of paper. In its toolbar, there is an ‘Add Next Page’ button that will add the next page for you based on what PageZipper thinks is the next page. The button will only show up on pages that have a ‘Next’ link. When you add the next page, any edits you have made to the first page will be applied the next page so that everything prints out nicely.   Load that page through PrintWhatYouLike. You get to drag and select just the important parts, and you can even change the font, font size, and background colors. Then send it to your printer, so you can only, uh, print what you like.

How it works ?:

  • [advt]Click the PrintWhatYouLike button in your bookmarks toolbar
  • The PrintWhatYouLike editor will appear around the page you’re on.
  • When you are finished making changes, click the PrintWhatYouLike button again, and the editor will disappear. Only your modified page will remain

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