Preview Search Results on Mobile Phones with Google Instant Preview

Google Instant Preview is now available in Android Mobile Phones and iPhone. With Instant Previews for Google Mobile Search, you can see snapshots of your search results while you browse. Like the desktop version of instant previews, mobile Instant Previews show visual snapshots of each search result’s webpage.

Using Instant Previews

To use Instant Previews while you search, follow the steps below:[advt]

  1. Perform a search using Google Mobile Search.
  2. On the search results page, touch the magnifying glass icon to see the instant preview for that result.
  3. Browse the instant previews for all your search results by touching the < and > arrows, or by swiping your finger across the screen.
  4. To select a search result, touch the snapshot or the text description below the snapshot.
  5. Touch the “Back” button to return to the default search results page.


Instant Previews are available for Apple (iOS4) and Android (version 2.2+) devices in 38 languages.





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