Postcard on the Run – Send Printed Postcard from your Phone

Postcard on the Run is an easy to use mobile application that allows users to take a photograph from their iPhone, Android (or other supported device) and instantly send it as a real printed postcard to anywhere in the world (USPS delivery). With Postcard on the Run, users can instantly create high-quality custom postcards for friends and family.

Download Postcard on the Run for Android

Download Postcard on the Run for iPhone

Postcard on the Run mean a real postcard, personalized with your own photo and message, and worthy of hanging on a refrigerator, fireplace mantle, or office . The camera, address book and all personalization features are designed to work seamlessly with device. Postcards can be created and sent from anywhere there is an active cellular network or Wi-Fi. Postcard on the Run works on iPhones, iPod Touch, Android device and iPad.


  • Send real postcards directly from your iPhone to any mailing postal address in the world.
  • Find missing addresses with the touch of a button with our “Postal Gopher”.
  • Sign your postcard with your finger!
  • Add your own personal message.
  • Include a map on your postcard using GPS location.
  • Easy to pay with any major credit card.

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