Play Cricket Manager Game and Manage Indian Cricket Team! announced the launch of Cricket Manager, the unique and virtual strategy game. This game has been made by in association with OMLogic, its strategic social media partner.

With only a few days to go before the Cricket World Cup kicks off, the travel portal, intends to generate a lot of excitement among the cricket-crazy community in India, giving them the unique experience of managing Team India XI through this game. The player of the game dons the mantle of the Cricket Manager.

Register yourself for the game and start managing the Team India XI.

Play Cricket Manager Game Now

The contestant having the highest number of YTR(Yatra Travel Rewards) at the end of the tournament will be declared the winner!

Yatra Cricket Manager’s Mission:

You, as Yatra Cricket Manager, have to manage Team India XI in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Primarily, you have to make sure that the team’s travel and stay itinerary is managed in the most efficient and organized manner. All the while, ensuring that the players remain in the best of spirits as well as in the best of health at all times! Then of course, you also need to spend the money in the most optimized manner, thus leading to the highest number of Yatra Travel Rewards (YTR) for you as a manager.

About YCM Game:

Many amongst us wondered what it will be like to manage Team India XI. What is it like to know that no matter how well the team may play, its management will always be up to YOU?

It is a big responsibility, for ONE ticket booked wrong can make things go haywire, leading to loss of a match.

As Yatra Cricket Manager, you manage Team India XI for the duration of the Cricket World Cup tournament and will be responsible for its every move. While a normal manager handles big files, you will have to handle big egos; and while you may be a team leader somewhere in the corporate ladder, here you will be GOD!

How To Play

  • Step 1: Register for the game. You will get virtual cash of 60,00,000 to to manage Team India XI.
  • Step 2: You will receive hurdles. Your job is to overcome them. What are these hurdles, you will ask us? Well, some tricky travel and stay requirements of various players will be presented to you – these are the hurdles. Based on the actions you take regarding these hurdles, you gain morale or fitness points. Ultimately these morale and fitness points lead to higher Yatra Travel Rewards (YTR).
  • Step 3: You will be given a simple booking engine (as easy as making travel reservations on to make all the travel reservations. Faster you finish, more the YTRs. Ensure correct bookings for all players, so they reach their destination on time, are high on morale and fully fit. Few hurdles, such as the travel hurdles, are mandatory. If you don’t complete them by cut-off time, the system will complete them, because the team can’t miss a match just because you were busy. And you will not earn any bonus points either. Please read Rules of the Game for more details.
  • Step 4: Keep playing for it gets crazier every day.


There are four levels in the game:[advt]

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

You will start the game at Basic Level and move up as follows:

Bronze 6,50,000 YTR (Morale + fitness + cash)
Silver 7,00,000 YTR (Morale + fitness + cash)
Gold 7,20,000 YTR (Morale + fitness + cash)
Platinum 7,50,000 YTR (Morale + fitness + cash)

How to earn money?

  • Quiz: Cricket fans rejoice! You think you know about cricket? Really? Still think so? Well, this quiz is for you then! You will be hooked once you start taking the quiz. You get bonus cash for every question answered correctly! And, yes, you will get 5 times the cash if you answer a question about!
  • Log in: You earn bonus cash when you log in. If you log in for five days in a week, you will win additional cash.
  • Actions performed in a day: if there are 2 actions to perform in a day and the contestant performs both actions, the contestant will get additional cash.
  • Coupon Codes: Where else can a cricket manager become a treasure-hunter? Well, here! Look out for clues and based on those clues you can win yourself coupon codes! Simple, isn’t it?
  • Refer a Friend: refer a friend and get additional cash if and when he/she joins the game.
  • Receive cash points as gifts: Test your friendship! Ask a friend to gift you cash when you are in need

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