Pipeline – Bada OS Client for Dropbox that used in Samsung Phones

Pipeline is the first Bada OS client for Dropbox that used in Samsung phones. Dropbox is a service that lets you sync, store and share files to your other devices or to your friends’ the moment you hit “save.” It’s easy, intuitive and free. Pipeline brings the Dropbox experience to your Bada phone.

Download Pipeline for Samsung phone

With Pipeline, you can:

  • [advt]Sign up for a Dropbox account (if you don’t have one yet) and log in.
  • Access and manage all the contents of your Dropbox folder.
  • Download any files you need to your phone for viewing and storage.
  • Upload documents, photos and other files from your phone directly onto your Dropbox account. And all from a friendly, elegant, no-nonsense interface

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