PipeBytes – Free Online Service that Share Files

PipeBytes is a free online service which let you to share files with your friends. It is web-based, which means no plugin/software installation required. Exchange files of any size with anyone you want. Site must remain open until recipient finish download. Instantly send music, movies, presentations or any other files to anybody.

With PipeBytes, you can transfer files of any size without installing any software or registering, and your friends can being downloading your file as you’re still uploading it to minimize transfer time.

To send a file, simply upload it from your desktop and attach an optional description. To pick up a file that someone else has sent to you, click on “Pick Up”, and you’ll be asked to enter in the access code which the sender would have received after transferring the file. All major browsers are supported.


  • No software to install. All you need is web browser.
  • No hassle registrations and we don’t even require your e-mail address!
  • Send files of any size!
  • [advt]Your buddy could start downloading file as you upload it.
  • It’s private unlike BitTorrent or other P2P techologies.
  • The file is not shared on Internet – it is sent directly to your recipient.
  • Now transfer speed is up to 30Mbit/sec per file! Send large files in seconds!
  • Free Widget for your web pages.

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