Android Design Website Launched – Learn How to Design Exceptional Android Apps

Google’s Android Developer team has launched an official Android Design Website, a page of guidelines, design principles, UI best-practice and style shortcuts for developers working with Android.

Google describes their new ‘Android Design’ portal as a place for learning how to design exceptional Android apps. The place to learn about principles, building blocks, and patterns for creating world-class Android user interfaces. Whether you’re a UI professional or a developer playing that role, these docs show you how to make good design decisions, big and small.

Made up both of guiding principles for apps and interfaces, such as “delight me in surprising ways” and “let me make it mine”, as well as the actual building blocks of an Android UI, including tabs, seek bars, switches and spinners, the site marks Google’s most obvious attempt to-date to get all Android coders on the same style-sheet.

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