PicSay Free Photo Editor for Android – Personalize Your Images

PicSay for Android is an all-in-one solution for editing images on your Android powered device. PicSay provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to personalize pictures.

PicSay - Image Editor for AndroidPicSay improves your photos with color corrections. You can apply paint, word balloons, and props to your images. You may have fun with distortions, cutouts and special effects. You can personalize your image by adding text using styled word balloons and titles.

Make fun by adding hair, glasses, beards, hats, helmets and other stickers. You can add message across with your picture by adding various pointers, symbols, shapes and the effects like Distort, Spotlight, Marker, Pixelize, Exposure, Contrast, Tint, Saturation, colorize, Dizziness, Rainbow, Invert etc.

There is a technique named “Selective Desaturation“. Use the Pop Colors effect to convert the photo to black-and-white and then paint the original colors back in, giving you that special look.

PicSay Image Mixing

PicSay Pro for Android

PicSayPro for Android is available in the Market for a price of Rs 175. With PicSay Pro, you can mix your image with other picture by cutting out any part of one picture and place it your picture. You may mix heads, ears, hats, or any other object or body part.

You can apply color adjustments to create a perfect blend with the background and save your cutouts so you can easily use them later on other photos.

PicSay on the Android Market

The free lite edition of PicSay is available for download on the Android Market. You may download the App by scanning the QR code or download from AppBrain. The pro editon with all the above features and much more, is available in countries that have support for priced applications. Search the Market for “PicSay Pro”.

[androidqrcode: com.shinycore.picsayfree]

Manually install from the Android Market

  • Go to ‘Market’ on your Android-powered device.
  • Select ‘Search’.
  • Enter ‘PicSay – Photo Editor’ into the search field.
  • Once you’ve found the ‘PicSay – Photo Editor’ app, touch to install.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.

Download Picsay Free


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