Change Settings Based on Location – Profile Valet Free Android App

Do you want WiFi on in your Android phone, at home but off when you’re at the office? Or maybe you want to make sure your ringer is silent when you’re at church or in an important meeting? Profile Valet can handle those tasks and many more. If you like Locale, Tasker or Setting Profiles, you’re going to love Profile Valet.

Profile Valet lets you automate your device profile settings based on your location, schedule or manual invocation.[advt]

Profile Valet allows you to automate your settings for WiFi, Bluetooth, display brightness, display timeout, ringtone, all volume controls & vibration. Profile Valet also saves your battery by allowing you to manage when or where you need to have on battery draining functions like WiFi, Bluetooth or high brightness for your display.

Install Profile Valet in Your Android

There are three ways to trigger your profile settings with Profile Valet. You can trigger a profile by specifying a location, a scheduled event or simply by manually invoking it.

Location-based profiles are great if there are specific locations where you know you’d like your device settings setup in a specific way (home, office, church, airport, etc).

Schedule-based profiles allow you to set your phone’s settings in anticipation of events that you might have coming up (important meetings, attending church, business trips, vacation, etc).

Manually invoked profiles allow you to have profile settings configurations that you can enable at any given time.

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