Photorank – Measure your Social Photo-Sharing Activities

Photorank Score is the measurement of your social photo-sharing activities. The score ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest possible score and it is based on your photo activity on specified social networking and photo-sharing sites. The Photorank system gives special emphasis to your activity in the last 21 days, and that is what your score will mostly reflect.

Photorank uses several sources to determine your rank and you can link all of your accounts to the system for a more accurate measure.

  • Facebook: It analyze the photos you upload to Facebook and the reactions that they generate amongst your friends, such as ‘likes’ and comments. It also takes into account the photos from the photo-sharing sites that you post on your wall.
  • Twitter: Since Twitter is still rolling out their own photo-sharing service, It currently analyze the photos that you have uploaded to other services such as Twitpic, Yfrog and Lockerz. Then analyze the retweets of all your tweets containing photos from these services in order to determine your photo activity on Twitter.
  • Flickr: It analyze the comments and favorites that each of your photos receive on this wildly popular photo-sharing site.
  • [advt]Instagram: It analyze the ‘likes’ and comments for each photo that you take on this photo-sharing network for iPhone users.
  • Picplz: It analyze the ‘likes’ and comments that you get in this mobile photo-sharing network.

    Photorank calculates your score based on three parameters:

  • Reach: How many different people are you influencing with your photos? The fact that you have a lot of friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter doesn’t mean that they care about your pictures. Are they interacting with them? Getting likes, loves, comments or retweets from a lot of different people shows that your pics are effectively influencing a wide audience and this is what is calculated into your ‘Reach’.
  • Activity: The more photos you take and post, the higher you activity is. However, be aware that if you just upload low quality content, it is likely that your overall score will go down.
  • Quality: Deciding whether a photo is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is a very challenging task. Therefore, it have decided to let others do the hard work while and analyze their interactions with your photos.

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