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pHiSearch is a free text search software that can search inside all type of files. It comes really handy for programmers as this can search inside any type of ASCII and Unicode files. It does not search inside file extensions like .aspx, .vb, .js, and more. That’s where pHiSearch shines.

pHiSearch comes with a nice algorithm that can read text inside all type of files irrespective of file extension. So, pHiSearch can search in .Html, .cs, .sql, .xml, .vb, and more. Only feature that I find missing in pHiSearch is text replace feature.

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  • You can search using regular expressions.
  • Use wildcards to filter files
  • You can use an external viewer like Notepad++ to preview the content of the files.
  • It can be integrated with Windows explorer.
  • Search a literal text in ASCII or Unicode files irrespective of file extension
  • Supports regular expressions
  • Use wildcard masks to filter files
  • Displays filtered files if no search text is specified
  • [advt]File previewer displays entire file content
  • Perform operations on searched files
  • Export searched results to HTML, XML or text file
  • Configure an external viewer (like Notepad++) for viewing and editing files
  • Integrated with Windows Explorer
  • [advt]Simple and innovative UI
  • Multi-tab interface
  • Works on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 2008 (32 bit and 64 bit)

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