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Zite is a personalized iPad magazine that learns what you like to read, notes how long you spend reading it, and delivers more stories along those lines. Its storied reputation on the iPad appears to have preceded it on the iPhone.

Zite helps you discover what you’ve been missing. Zite collects and delivers articles, interviews, and stories built around the subjects that interest you the most. Zite makes it easy by tapping into your Google Reader and Twitter history and paying attention to how you interact with the articles you read.

Zite provide you with just the right content and has now been repackaged for the iPhone to deliver a similar customized experience on the small screen.

Download Zite for iPhone


  • Zite personalizes your content automatically and gets better the more you use it.
  • Create your magazine your way with thousands of sections and a smart auto-suggest tool.
  • Interact with the articles you read on Zite by thumbing them up or down and watch your magazine get more and more personalized.
  • Get a head start on finding amazing content tailored just for you by automatically syncing Zite with your Twitter and Google Reader accounts.

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