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Chandler is a personal information management software suite described by its developers as a “Note-to-Self Organizer” designed for personal and small-group task management and calendaring. It is free software. It is an open source note-to-self organizer designed for personal use and small group collaboration. Chandler comprises a desktop application, sharing service and web application. It collects your thoughts in 1 place and manages them with Tickler Alarms and Now-Later-Done Triage Status like track notes, Todos and Events from the Calendar.

Download Chandler


  • Download Flagged messages into Chandler
  • Download all email into Chandler
  • Attachments
  • Sync IMAP Flags and Read/Unread status
  • Sync IMAP Folders with Chandler (especially Drafts and Sent)
  • Conversation threads
  • Rich text editing for composing emails
  • Rules for filtering messages into collections automatically
  • Junk mail detection
  • Spell check

 A notebook you can organize, back up and share


  • [advt]Import/Export Calendars and Tasks
  • Subscribe to webcal (.Mac) and ICAL (Google) calendars
  • Sync with CalDAV (Apple iCal 3.x, Lightning) calendars
  • Search
  • Secure your data with a Master Password

Back up and Web Access

  • Access your data from the web thru Chandler Hub
  • Sync Chandler across multiple computers
  • Sync your Apple, Google and Mozilla Calendars
  • Add new items to Chandler from iGoogle
  • Set up Chandler IMAP Folders to download email

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