IMCapture – Record Online Video and Audio Conversations

IMCapture saves your video and audio sessions from FaceTime, Skype, and Yahoo Messenger. You can record online video and audio conversations, one-to-one interviews, online conference, on the iPhone recordings are all the rage now that a large number Internet users can tap into broadband.

IMCapture for Skype

Record Video and Audio from Skype, IMCapture for Skype (formerly SkypeCap) is a Skype call recorder. Video and audio Skype’s sessions recorded with perfect quality and can be converted in many popular formats such as mp3 or QuickTime Movies (MOV), Adobe Flash SWF. Skype calls after capturing can be replayed, shared, archived, or studied. IMCapture for Skype is valuable for business, a practical tool for everyday capturing.

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IMCapture for FaceTime

[advt]It capturing FaceTime video calls and audio calls preserves the sweetest memories of FaceTime conversations. Several mouse-clicks save your friends and family talks as well as business conference calls in high quality. Now there is no reason to worry that you’ll miss any important detail during the online video conferencing – IMCapture for FaceTime captures video calls for further reference.

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IMcapture for Microsoft Messenger

IMCapture for MSN Messenger is a video and audio call recorder designed for those who wants to save the important moments of communication with close people and colleagues. High image and sound quality of result files and the ability of converting into popular formats allows to use them for different purposes. Simplicity of usage provides getting of MSN sessions in several clicks. It keeps every detail of precious MSN conversations.

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IMCapture for Yahoo Messenger

IMCapture for Yahoo Messenger is worked out for people (especially users of Yahoo IM services) who want to record every second of being in touch with their friends and colleagues even if they are miles apart. Use the function of our program that enables other users to connect to your web-camera and communicate with several friends at the same time. Businessmen may find it especially attractive to organize business conferences without leaving their house.

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