Peerdrum – Remote Team Management by Monitoring Team’s Screens

Peerdrum displays your team’s screens as they’re working via automated screenshots, tracks time, and allows administrators to create and manage an unlimited number of projects. Users can pause the screen monitoring at any time which also pauses their time trackers. It grabs incremental screenshots of an entire team’s screens every few minutes and tracks their time. This information is secured and is viewable from any web browser by a user with privileges. It is not a free service.

How its work?

[advt]Team members download a small application that takes a screenshot of their active monitor every ten minutes and tracks their “checked in” time. The team members can “check out” at any time for privacy breaks. “Checking out” pauses the screen captures and the time tracker. Users with Admin privileges can view their teams’ screens, create and manage their team and projects, and invite new team members via any web browser or smart mobile device.

Your Peerdrum account is password protected and safe. All Peerdrum plans include SSL security the same as online banks.

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