Pay per Gaze Ads Using Eye Tracking System to be Introduced by Google

Google has acquired a new set of patents for their innovative attempt to implement a Pay per Gaze mechanism for charging advertisers. If implemented soon, the ads in the future may be based on this ‘Gaze Tracking System‘ that captures eye movements of the user to find the ad the user is looking at and charge advertisers accordingly.

The patent states that eye tracking systems are already used in human computer interaction systems and psychology to measure eye movement and to determine the point of gaze. However, these systems have been limited to research areas because of their high cost and reliability, till date.

image : Google Glass

Google says that it will provide a reliable and low cost ‘Eye tracking system‘ which will have a variety of useful everyday applications. The technology is designed for using with a “head mounted gaze tracking device” such as Google Glass. The device would be able to determine the advertisements viewed by the user, by tracking eye movements.

Info about the user’s gazes would be sent to a server. An image recognition algorithm will be executed on the scene images to identify items viewed by the user. A gazing log tracking the identified items viewed by the user will be generated.

By combining the gazing direction info of multiple users, Google will generate batched info and charge advertisers for analysis of this data. The company claims that it can also conclude a user’s emotional response to an ad by measuring their pupil dilation.

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