Passware Encryption Analyzer – Free Tool to Check Encrypted Files

Passware Encryption Analyzer is a free tool that quickly check your PC for encrypted or password-protected files (over 200 file types are supported). If you use encryption yourself then this can be a useful reminder of where your protected files are located (and might, perhaps, point out files you’ve forgotten to encrypt).

And Passware Encryption Analyzer can also help you check that PCs you manage are being used as you expect. Are other users of the system trying to hide files by storing them in a password-protected zip file, Running the program can help you find out by revealing any encrypted files you didn’t know about.

Whatever your reason for running Passware Encryption Analyzer, it won’t take long to figure out how the program works: just choose the type of scan, the drives or folders to check, click Scan My Computer and it’ll begin to check your system. This can take a while, but password-protected files are listed as they’re found so you can get at least some feedback right away.

Download Passware Encryption Analyzer


  • [advt]Scans files fast – over 4,000 files per minute on an average PC
  • Supports over 200 different file types
  • Lists recovery options and launches appropriate password recovery modules if necessary
  • Provides detailed information: file formats, protection methods
  • User-friendly Explorer-like interface
  • Available as SDK for .NET
  • Free version available


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