BrightWorks – Free Online Micro-Volunteering App for Tasks

BrightWorks is a micro-volunteering app that allows nonprofits to get tasks completed for free online by a global volunteer community. It is an effective, simple-to-use and easy-to-get-started micro volunteering platform. It allows volunteers to work freely on the charities that they’re passionate about from wherever they are and whenever is most convenient.

It is increasingly important for charities to be able to measure and share their impact in the community. By automating data on participation rates, causes supported, volunteer hours, active volunteers, location and more, BrightWorks aims to make demonstrating activity and social impact quicker and easier.

[advt]All of the projects are available from the project menu and each project has its own url, so you can revisit your favourite projects or tasks at a later date. Each project and task has a detailed description and an estimated time of completion, so you know what you’re responsible for delivering and how long it will take in order to complete a task. If you see a task you want to complete, click the ‘I’ll do this’ button and you’ll have a set amount of time to complete the task. Once completed, click the ‘I’ve done this’ button and the task creator (or project admin) will verify your work. If they do not confirm the work is completed within 3 days, then the task will be automatically marked as complete.

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