– Online Proof Reading and Spell Checking is a free resource, developed and maintained by linguistics professionals and graduate students. It is used by schools and universities in over 46 countries to help students improve their writing. It combines the power of natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, information retrieval (IR), computational linguistics, data mining, and advanced pattern matching (APM).

As part of the development process, it put together a team of computational linguists and subject matter experts to develop a core Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine using statistical and rules-based NLP to extract language features from essays and robustly translate that into statistical models. It hopes to showcase some of our technology at a later date.

Robust grammar checking allows you to find those pesky mistakes and correct them before turning in your paper. analyzes documents immediately, 24/7, in real-time. It provide in depth analysis to help the student improve grammar and writing.

Features include:

  • [advt]Plagiarism Detection
  • Auto Grader
  • Spelling and Grammar Check
  • Style and Word Choice Analysis
  • Readability Statistics
  • Title Validation
  • Vocabulary Builder tool

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