Download BitDefender for System Information Report

BitDefender’s System Information is a simple tool which will produce an XML-based report on your PC’s security configuration. The complete report includes details on your installed and running programs, drivers, LSP’s, IE settings, startup programs, scheduled tasks, policy settings, HOSTS file, hidden programs, security settings and more.

Download¬†BitDefender’s System Information

Once the process is complete then System Information will produce a ZIP file, so you can easily send a copy to BitDefender if they’re trying to help you with some support query. You can of course use the report for your own purposes, but first you’ll need to extract it from the secure archive (the password is INFECTED). And then you may have to spend a while browsing its contents: the raw XML file can’t be opened by everything (IE just displays the first few lines), and even when you’re able to view the entire document, extracting the information you need can be a challenge.

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