Organize, Share Personal Media on All Devices, even when Offline

An app which can access all our stored data, both personal as well as online, had been a dream to many. Many such web based apps are available out there, but only for online use and associated with some browser. What if such an app is available, while you are still miles away from internet connectivity ?

Plex is such an app, to be precise, its a software suite, that can easily organize and share your personal media and online content on all of your devices, no matter where you are. The Plex service makes it easy for you to manage your videos, photos & music, as well as discover new content.

With Plex, you can access all your personal media on your Chromebook, PCs, Roku devices, Samsung & LG TVs, Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices. Also you can watch your favorite online content from Vimeo, TED and many others. You can create a queue of online videos to be played at your convenience, with a single click.

The suite allows you to share the contents with your friends, so that they can stream your music, photos & videos from any of their devices. Also you can recommend online content to your friends. Even though its a free service, Plex also has some premium features which are available with the premium version, the PlexPass.

PlexPass is an enhanced Plex experience with premium features, including PlexSync, which allows you to play media on mobile devices when offline or with a poor internet connection

Start using Plex now, Download from Chrome Webstore

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