Download MINOS – Free Software for 3D Modeling

MINOS is free 3D modeling software that caters to advanced computer users that want to design in 3D. Users can produce complex and intricate designs for a variety of fields such as the 3D design of buildings and the creation of promotional marketing displays. MINOS does all of the basic 3D design operations without problems and also allows users to produce a complex design in 3D for free. Utilizing very simple commands, you can combine all of these operations and shapes to produce complex and visually appealing designs.

Download MINOS

Features of MINOS:

  • Design 3D parts and assemblies with this free 3D design tool
  • Define simple geometric features and then link them
  • MINOS allows simple 3D design operations like extruding, sweeping and revolving
  • Combine 3D shapes
  • Some of the fastest free 3D modeling software out there

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