Oracle BPM (Business Process Management) Suite 11g Announced

Oracle announced Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g, which is a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, help customers lower costs, adapt to change and simplify business process management. It is the industry’s most complete, open and integrated Business Process Management (BPM) solution. The Suite supports all types of processes with a new unified process foundation, user-centric design and social BPM capabilities. With new capabilities in the Suite 11g, Oracle BMP helps reduce complexity and enhances collaboration.

Business process management suites (BPMSs) are the leading technology to support business process management (BPM) projects and programs. A BPMS supports the entire process improvement life cycle – from process discovery, definition and design to implementation, monitoring and analysis, and through ongoing optimization. Its model-driven approach enables business and IT professionals to work together more collaboratively throughout the life cycle than was possible in past solution development approaches.

Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g provides a rich collaborative environment, as well as effective tools for managing and monitoring deployed business processes. The unified process foundation removes complexity and enables managing all types of processes efficiently without compromise.


Unified process foundation of Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g simplifies process development, deployment, monitoring and execution. New components include:

  • Unified process engine: executes BPEL and BPMN 2.0 processes, human workflow and rules, and is integrated with Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Business Activity Monitoring and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus.
  • Oracle Universal Content Management: for document-centric processes.
  • End-to-end management: unifies the management and monitoring of business processes to extend problem management beyond the process boundary.

The Suite delivers a user-centric design approach, simplifying the process management lifecycle with tools that address user role requirements and enable both IT and business process participants. Key components include:

  • BPM Studio: for role-based modeling and design.
  • Process Composer: for web-based process modeling and deployment.
  • Process analysis and reporting: for business visibility, process status and operational reporting.
  • A single “What-you-see-is-what-you-execute” process model: supports the entire BPM lifecycle and eliminates synchronization problems between process design, simulation, execution and monitoring.

The social BPM capabilities of Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g enable collaboration among users by incorporating social computing and Enterprise 2.0 technologies, including wikis and blogs. Key features include:

  • Process Spaces: deliver customized team spaces for business and IT through all phases of the business process management lifecycle.
  • Business Process Guides: provide a milestone-centered view of processes that simplifies understanding and communication of process flow.
  • Unstructured Process Support: helps users address unanticipated process changes by dynamically adding and delegating to additional process participants.


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