Optimize Android Smartphones with Android Booster App

Android Booster is a free app designed to optimize Android smartphones while minimizing the power consumption, and keeping users in control of the amount of internet usage. It is a free app from NetQin Mobile Inc.

The product also features a mobile optimization scan to allow users to have their phones running at optimum speed. Based on the results of this scan, the program then generates a rating of the phone’s optimization status.[androidqrcode: com.netqin.mobileguard]

The package also has application and task managers that allow users to manually get into the system and choose to delete unnecessary items. A power monitor is also available to manage the battery consumption of the respective devices.

Download Android Booster for free to get Memory Booster/Task Killer/Widget/Process Manager/Traffic Monitor/Power Detection/File Manager.

Install Android Booster (Free, 809KB)

The free Android Booster includes:

  1. Memory Booster, Free Memory and RAM Boosting.
  2. [advt]

  3. Task Killer: Batch uninstall/activate/kill apps
  4. Widget: One-click optimization to manage WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS, power display
  5. Process Manager: Real-time monitor, free up memory
  6. Traffic Monitor: Monitor traffic
  7. Power Detection: A powerful battery boosting tool and power management application,save battery and extend battery life
  8. File Manager: Manage SD card, delete/rename files/folders, etc.

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