Bubble Ball iPhone App by a Teenager Knocks Off Angry Bird Game

Bubble Ball iPhone App – a mini-video game created by a 14-year-old spanish boy named Robert Nay, unseated ‘Angry Birds Seasons’ from its spot atop the App Store’s Top Free Apps list. Bubble Ball which is launched on Dec. 29, has racked up more than two million downloads so far.

“Bubble Ball” was downloaded 1 million times in its first two weeks of release from Apple’s iTunes website and has since surpassed the 2-million mark, replacing “Angry Birds” as the site’s most popular free app.

Robert Nay, 8th grader began working on his invention in November. It was at the public library in his hometown of Spanish Fork, where Robert found the computer technology books and the space to work on his creation.


He is a software developer who started very young. He created his first website when he was in third grade. He is known as a student techie in his school who is routinely called upon to help teachers with computer problems.

He says Bubble Ball is a fun physics-based puzzle game that requires the user to understand the principals of gravity in moving a floating bubble from one point to another. That means Robert had to write some pretty technical code too.

In a recent interview with Reuters, Robert said,

I just wanted to make an iPhone app. I thought it would be cool. And I wanted to see if I could do it. I played games that were similar to it. I just took what I liked from different games, and, like, add my own stuff.

“He spent countless hours working on it, and the final product includes more than 4,000 lines of code. He sent it to the Apple app store on December 22. It appeared for download at the app store December 29,” said his mother, Kari Nay.[advt]

Download Bubble Ball iPhone App (3.8MB, Free)

Beside technical stuff, he has interest in music too. He plays piano, trumpet and mandolin and said he was inspired by his enthusiasm for electronic games in general. Robert, who also enjoys pizza and books, became interested in computers at an early age and said that most of what he knows about them is self-taught.

Now Robert Nay is working on a new game that may include an “in-app” purchase option for additional game levels for 99 cents.

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