ooVoo – Make Free Video and 3-Way Calling from Mobile Phone

ooVoo lets you make video calls from your mobile to friends and family on their mobile phones, or from your mobile phone to friends on a computer, as well as over the web. ooVoo mobile features free 6 way video chat, instant messaging, and free voice calls to your ooVoo contacts. Sign in from your mobile or computer – your account is accessible wherever you are.

To keep in touch with friends and contacts not yet on ooVoo, you can still have a free browser-based chat with them by sending your unique Web Video Call link. No download is required for a free web chat – all that is needed is a camera and an internet connection. In a single click, your friend joins you in a live online video chat on their browser, making web video chat easy for you and those you chat with.

It’s video chat room feature allows you to embed a video chat into your website, blog or social network. Video chat rooms help you keep in touch with a community, friends or family. Any time you wish to speak to someone it’s as easy as meeting them in your own dedicated video chat room. ooVoo video calls using HD video is so amazing, you have to see it to believe the clarity and quality. If your friend isn’t available, you can leave a video message.

When you’re in a 1 on 1 video call, both participants can send in HD or High Resolution. In multi-party calls, only one participant can display video in HD or High Resolution at any time

Remote desktop sharing allows you to share your full desktop on a video call while you talk or present. Screen share a graph, image, or presentation and get everyone on the same page more quickly without the expense of everyone traveling to be in the same room. Screen sharing lets you present your full desktop, any type of MS Office documents or even photos and videos of a recent trip. With desktop sharing, you can save a substantial amount of time and money for yourself or your company to share with coworkers, family and friends.

Download ooVoo

ooVoo is FREE for 3-Way calling and ooVoo is a great business tool. Research shows that video increases audience attention and builds speaker credibility while improving collaboration and decision-making in a business environment. Video makes information easier to understand, reduces meeting fatigue, and can reduce cost of travel. Use it to connect to remote offices, board meetings and to make a powerful impact with clients. For your business, purchasing a plan designed for business which offers 6-way video chat, desktop sharing and blocks advertisements for call participants.  Your need is a high-speed internet connection and a computer with a web cam, speakers, and microphone (standard equipment on most new notebook and desktop computers). For a fully immersive, boardroom video experience.

ooVoo Video Features

  • Up to 6 participants in a call
  • Import your contacts from IM, social network, email and more
  • Record and send video messages
  • Change your view to Full Screen mode
  • Record and store audio and video calls
  • Text chat and share files

[advt]You can make video calls to friends on the iPhone 4, the iPod Touch (4th generation), and most Android devices (OS version 2.2 and up) with a front camera. You can also video chat with friends using ooVoo on their computers.

ooVoo works over 3G, and 4G networks. When you experience low network quality or slow connection speed, switch to Wi-Fi for a better experience. You can get ooVoo for free for select supported smartphones and tablets.



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