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DrPic is an Online Image Editng Site. In Drpic, you can edit images online in your browser without downloading and installing flash, java, silverlight, or any plugin. uses HTML, AJAX, and Java Script technology with absolutely no flash. You can Crop, Resize, Add Text, Special Effects, and Host your pictures online for free at

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  • Resize – allows you to change the dimension of your picture
  • Crop – allows you to trim the unwanted portions of your picture
  • Rotate – allows you to turn your picture around on its side or upside down
  • Brightness Contrast – allows you to increase and decrease the luminance and / or contrast of your picture
  • AutoFix – allows you to automatically adjust the brightness and contrast of your picture
  • Brush – allows you to draw your picture with various brush size and colors
  • Text – allows you to add text to your picture with varoius font styles
  • Gaussian Blur – allows you to create an out-of-focus effect in your picture
  • Sharpen – allows you to add focus to your picture
  • Raise – allows you to add a translucent 3D outer bevel effect to your picture
  • Raised Frame – allows you to add a 3D colored frame to your picture
  • Polaroid – allows you to apply a unique polaroid effect to your picture
  • Oil Paint – allows you to apply a unique oil paint effect to your picture
  • Spread – allows you to add noise to your picture
  • Grayscale – allows you to eliminate color from your picture
  • Host your pictures for free using the Save to Web feature
  • Load a picture directly from the Internet using a web address
  • Revamping graphic user interface for enhanced usability and compatibility
  • PicResize Batch Resize Tool allows you to resize multiple pictures at the same time. All your resized pictures will be returned in one compressed zip file

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