Nokia N97 Mini – The N97 with Smaller Size, Smaller Display, 16GB Storage

The coming of Nokia N97 Mini has been accidental leaked on the Vodafone Ireland message boards. Now it is confirmed that the Nokia N97 Mini will be announced at Nokia World 2009 on Sept. 2-3.

Nokia N97 Mini is for those mobile enthusiasts who are not happy to carry around a brick of N97 size in their pocket, instead prefer to get the device with similar features in a more traditionally sized format.


The Nokia N97 Mini has all the features and specifications of Nokia N97, in a smaller body, with smaller display and lower internal storage. The internal storage, which has been reduced to 8 or 16GB, depending on model. The display specifications are very close to the Nokia 5530 XM – about 2.9” size, 16M colors, 640 x 360 px resolution and automatic brightness control. The Navigation button is dropped in Nokia N97 Mini.

Nokia N97 will be about 100 EUR cheaper then Nokia N97. [via unwiredview]

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