Nokia N900 to Include Facebook Chat and Skype Video Calling

Nokia N900 upgrade 1.2 is being rolled out which includes the integration of Facebook chat to the Nokia N900. This enables you can talk to your buddies without having to enter the main Facebook page.

The version 1.2 offers a range of UI tweaks along with some fresh games. The new games in Ovi Store include Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster, Weatherbug, Kroll and GoGadget, amongst others.

On the UI front, the first level of the menu system is now customisable, and Ovi maps has had its interface tweaked. Portrait web browsing will also be available.

Newly integrated Skype Video Calling gives you the ability to call your friends over VOIP providing better quality. A fresh addition to the email inbox is the ability to accept or decline an event invitation while working inside your inbox.

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