NiouzeFire+ – Newsreader with Integrated Extracting Capabilities

NiouzeFire+ is a usenet newsreader with integrated extracting capabilities. It allows you to download articles at the maximum rate of your connection, then decode, repair (using PAR2 files) and extract automatically the rar files. All those integrated features make it a must have for any UseNet member. Made to be the most easy to use as possible, convivial interface; therefore, it’s suitable for both beginners and “professionals”.

NiouzeFire+ is totally FREE but you can contribute to its development by buying a license. Of course, it has been inspired by others software in order to keep the best features. Its main goal is to download segments on NewsGroups (Videos) but the news reader feature will arrive shortly.

Download NiouzeFire+ 

NiouzeFire+ functionalities

  • Created by a strong skilled user:  NiouzeFire+ has been developed by a fanatic for the fanatics. Including the best known tools and tested during many months, NiouzeFire+ is finally released.
  • NiouzeFire+ exists in many languages: The software is now fully translated in French, English, Spanish and German. Let me know if you wish to help me for translating in others languages!\
  • Segments’ download only from NZB files: NiouzeFire+ downloads binaries from NZB files available from a lot of websites on the Internet. In the near future, the reader feature will be added.
  • [advt]Smart download function: PAR2 files are downloaded only when it is necessary,
  • Multi-Server : you can download from several NNTP servers at a time
  • NiouzeFire+ natively supports IPV6 addresses.
  • Automatic repair of corrupted parts (PAR2) : NiouzeFire+ fixes your corrupted files automatically until 4 times faster than QuickPar. NiouzeFire+ supports the last technologies (Dual-core, Quad-core).
  • Auto extractor for RAR files and PAR2: RAR archives and PAR2 files are fully supported. NiouzeFire+ handles automatically (Customizable) the repair and extract tasks to give you ready to use files in the selected folder.
  • Splitted XtremSplit 1.1 et 1.2,EasySplit, HJSplit,FileSplitter 4.5a, Splitter 4.0, MaxSplitter 1.53, EasyFileCut,Cutkiller, Yoyocut v2.50 files and all ‘.001’ generic files are supported and extracted.
  •  NZB Search and Download tool based on BinSearch.
  • Integrated Web browser with a plugin allowing to link several Web sites to the integrated search of NiouzeFire+.
  •  yEnc, Mime, uuEncode protocols supported: NiouzeFire+ is handling “old” as good as new ones.
  • Multi-Thread Downloading: Use the best of your bandwidth with NiouzeFire+. One Thread per file to download.
  • Improved user Interface:  NiouzeFire+ has been developed in Qt and brings you a high-end user experience.

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