IPv6ScopeFinder – Find Scope ID of Neighbor Link of IPv6 Addresses

IPv6ScopeFinder is a freeware that help you quickly find the Scope ID used to communicate with neighboring link local IPv6 addresses. It shows you the numeric Scope ID and IPv6/IPv4 address for each of your computer’s network interfaces. Use the Scope ID when sending IPv6 packets to the link local address of a neighboring computer. See interface Scope IDs along with the interface status and description. It shows link local and global IPv6 addresses assigned to each network interface. It also shows IPv4 addresses assigned to each interface.

Download IPv6ScopeFinder

IPv6ScopeFinder shows you this important information about each network interface:

  • ScopeID (IPv6 interface index)
  • Status (up or down)
  • [advt]Interface Type (ethernet, tunnel, etc.)
  • IPv6 and IPv4 addresses
  • Interface Name
  • Description

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