Nearby Friends – Locate Your Facebook Friends Real Time

Ever wondered whether you can locate your Facebook friends in real time ? No, right ? Now you can! Yes, Facebook had activated the feature, which came to effect since 17th April, 2014.

Now you can track your friends real time using the feature, the Facebook said. The feature is called ‘nearby friends‘, which does NOT activate itself unless you turn it on. The user can select his ‘visibility’ by setting the tracking permissions to ‘all friends/ close friends/ selected list of friends’.

This option helps the user to determine the category of friends who can track the user. The newly added feature will work only if the user and his/her friends wish to share the location with each other. Thus the users can keep their privacy and can stay away from stalkers, the company hopes.

When the user turns on the ‘nearby friends‘, the feature shows a list of friends who also uses the feature. Also a user can share the exact location with a specific set of friends for more connectivity. The app shows a list of friends, along with their present location, the distance to them from the user’s location, and time stamps which tells the time period spent by each user at their ‘last seen’ locations.

The difference between other check-in apps and ‘nearby friends‘ is, this feature automatically checks the user in to each and every new location whereas the users have to perform those check ins manually while he/she uses other apps.

The feature will be available for iOS and Android, but will work for few locations in the beginning. Facebook will add more locations to the feature in the nearest future.

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