NAVTEQ Launches Real-Time Traffic Information Service for Delhi and Mumbai

navteq-logoDelhi and Mumbai to get real-time traffic information. NAVTEQ, a maps, traffic and location data provider, has launched its real-time traffic information service for Delhi and Mumbai metro cities.

The NAVTEQ Traffic Pro service will provide detailed information about traffic speeds on motorways, as well as main and secondary roads, to NAVTEQ clients. This real-time traffic information service is only available in 24 countries, where it powers various devices including in-car navigation systems, personal navigation devices, mobile phones and smart pads.

[advt]NAVTEQ indicates that research in India shows drivers who use traffic-enabled navigation on a regular basis can spend 9 per cent less time sitting in congestion over those that don’t — the equivalent to almost three days saved on the road each year. Additionally, the findings show that drivers with real-time traffic experience reductions in distance travelled as well as increase fuel efficiency which could lead to a decrease in CO2 emissions per driver of 628 kilograms, or 23 per cent less than a driver without a navigation system.

NAVTEQ aggregates and analyses traffic data from a vast wealth of sources, including the world’s largest compilation of both commercial and consumer probe data, the world’s largest fixed proprietary sensor network, event-based data collected from government sources, and billions of historical traffic records.

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