MTS announces ISD, STD and local call rates at 30 paise/min

MTS India announced a new scheme under which subscribers can make local, STD, roaming and ISD calls at a rate of 30 paise per minute. An SMS will also cost 30 paise, while data usage is priced at 30 paise/MB. The company has announced this scheme for both new and existing subscribers through a recharge coupon priced between Rs 50 to Rs 100. When on roaming, MTS subscribers will be able to make and receive calls at 30 paisa per minute to anywhere in the country.

The offer of 30 paise per minute ISD is only for calls made to United States and Canada with a cap of 100 minute per month and standards rate provided by company will be charged after the usage limit is over.

MTS also announced free access to Facebook for a month through MTS Planet on entry level phones provided by the operator.

MTS India’s Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Leonid Musatov, said:

“Under this distinctive and unmatched plan, MTS will provide all services, including local, STD, roaming and ISD calls, SMS and Data usage at flat 30 paisa.”

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