MTNL NexG TV Service for Both 2 G and 3 G Customers

MTNL is NexG TV service for both 2 G and 3 G Customers. By Using this service, customers will be able to view Live TV  on their Handsets. From about 52 channels available presently, the bouquet of channels will be increased by including more channels in future.

How to use The NexG TV  Services:

a.      Customers can send SMS “SUB” to 52727. And in response, a ‘Thank you’ SMS will be delivered to the customer.

b.      After few minutes customer will receive another SMS containing a WAP link with Unique Username & Password.

c.      Customer has to Click on the WAP link and then a WAP link will open. Customer will have to login on this WAP page using the username and password.

d.      Customer will be able to see TV Channel packs . Customer can subscriber for any/many packs. Subscription Charges are mentioned against the packs.

e.      Customer has to set Mobile TV APN settings in Streaming settings. i.e. Real /Media player to be set for Mobile TV APN.

f.      [advt] Customer can unsubscribe from any/many packs, by visiting same WAP link under unsubscription tab. If a Customer sends SMS “UNSUB” to 52727, his/her profile will be deleted from the MTNL Database, so all packs will be automatically unsubscribed for that particular customer.[source]

TARIFF for the Mobile TV Service

  • Bouquet Subscription (Rs.)

Per Month              Per Week                      Per Day

Rs.99                  Rs.35                            Rs.8

  • Pay per Channel:   (Rs.)

Per Month              Per Week                      Per Day
Rs.40                   Rs.20                             Rs.8

Live Channels

1.  Bindaas 12. Colors 23. DD India 34. TV 9 Gujrati 45. Kasturi TV
2. UTV Movies 13. UTV Bloomberg 24. PTC Punjabi 35. DD News 46. Kairali We
3. CNBC TV 18 14. MTV 25. Aakaash Bangla 36. India TV 47. Vasanth TV
4. CNBC Awaaz 15. Aaj Tak 26. DD Bangla 37. CNEB 48. Kairali People
5. CNN IBN 16. Headlines Today 27. Orissa TV 38. IBN lokmat 49. DD Malyalam
6. IBN 7 17.Aaj Tak Tez 28. Mi Marathi 39. PTC News 50. SS Music
7. Star Majha 18. Suvarna News 29. DD Marathi 40. Saam 51. TV 9
8.NDTV Goodtimes 19. Fashion TV 30. DD Oriya 41. Rupasi Bangla 52. TV 9 Kannada
9. NDTV Profit 20. Delhi Aaj Tak 31. Mahuaa 42. Shraddha
10. NDTV 24×7 21. Home Shop TV18 32. DD NE 43. Aastha
11. NDTV India 22. DD National 33. MH1 44. Makkal TV


Nokia 6788 I5700 Galaxy Spica DEXT MB220 Bold 9700 HD2
Nokia N97 mini B7620 Giorgio Armani MC55 Storm2 9520 Pure
Nokia X6 T939 Behold 2 A3100 Storm2 9550 Tattoo
Nokia 5230 B7330 OmniaPRO A3000 Curve 8520 Touch2
Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition I8000 Omnia II Q 11 Tour 9630 Hero
Nokia 6760 slide B7610 OmniaPRO Q 9h Curve 8900 Ozone
Nokia 6790 Surge B7320 OmniaPRO Q8 Storm 9500 Snap
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic B7300 OmniaLITE MILESTONE XT720 Storm 9530 Magic
Nokia E72 i637 Jack XT720 MOTOROI Pearl Flip 8220 Tilt2
Nokia 6730 classic I7500 Galaxy FlipOut Bold 9000 Touch Pro2
Nokia E52 Propel Pro QUENCH Pearl 8110 Touch Diamond2
Nokia 5730 XpressMusic i8910 Omnia HD BACKFLIP Pearl 8120 Dream
Nokia N86 8MP C6625 XT800 ZHISHANG Curve 8320 Touch Cruise 09
Nokia E75 i770 Saga XT701 Curve 8310 MAX 4G
Nokia E55 C6620 MT710 ZHILING Curve 8300 Touch HD
Nokia 6720 classic i907 Epix MILESTONE 8820 Touch 3G
Nokia 6710 Navigator i7110 DROID 2 Global 8830 World Edition Touch Viva
Nokia 5630 XpressMusic i8510 INNOV8 DROID PRO XT610 8800 S740
Nokia N97 i740 XT301 Pearl 8100 Touch Pro
Nokia E63 i900 Omnia SPICE XT300 Pearl 3G 9105 Touch Diamond
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic L870 FLIPSIDE MB508 Pearl 3G 9100 Advantage X7510
Nokia N85 G810 MOTO MT716 Bold 9650 P3470
Nokia N79 i200 BRAVO MB520 Bold 9780 Touch Cruise
Nokia E71 SPH-i325 Ace CITRUS WX445 Style 9670 Touch Dual
Nokia E66 i640 DEFY Curve 3G 9330 P6500
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic i780 MILESTONE 2 Curve 3G 9300 S730
Nokia N96 i560 DROID 2 Torch 9800 TyTN II
Nokia N78 i550 MT810lx Curve 8530 S630
Nokia 6220 classic i450 XT810 Pearl Flip 8230 Touch
Nokia 6210 Navigator i620 XT806 Curve 8330 P6300
Nokia 6124 classic i400 A1260 Advantage X7500
Nokia 6650 fold i710 A1680 S710
Nokia N82 i520 CHARM P3350
Nokia E51 i600 ES400 P3400
Nokia E51 camera-free i617 BlackJack II DROID X P4350
Nokia N81 8GB i607 BlackJack Quench XT5 XT502 P3600i
Nokia N81 i320 Quench XT3 XT502 P3600
Nokia N95 8GB i310 P3300
Nokia 6120 classic Z600 S620
Nokia 6121 classic D730 S310
Nokia 5700 D700 TyTN
Nokia E90 B7350 Omnia PRO 4 MTeoR
Nokia E65 B6520 Omnia PRO 5 Aria
Nokia E61i S5330 Wave 2 Pro Wildfire
Nokia N77 S5250 Wave 2 Desire
Nokia 6110 Navigator I5500 Galaxy 5 HD mini
Nokia N76 I5800 Galaxy 3 Legend
Nokia N93i Galaxy A Imagio
Nokia 6290 I9000 Galaxy S Touch HD T8285
Nokia N95 I6500U Galaxy Gratia
Nokia N75 S8500 Wave Desire HD
Nokia E50 I8520 Beam Desire Z
Nokia 5500 Sport I9010 Galaxy S Giorgio Armani Nexus One
Nokia N93 Continuum I400 Evo 4G
Nokia N73 S5750 Wave575 Droid Incredible
Nokia N92 S8530 Wave II DROID ERIS
Nokia N80 Galaxy Tab T-Mobile Hero CDMA
Nokia N71 P1000 Galaxy Tab Touch Pro2 CDMA
Nokia E70 Galaxy Tab CDMA Touch Diamond2 CDMA
Nokia E62 I909 Galaxy S
Nokia E61 M130K Galaxy K
Nokia E60 Mesmerize i500
Nokia 3250 M920 Transform
Nokia N91 Galaxy 551
Nokia X6 8GB S7230E Wave 723
Nokia X5-01 M130L Galaxy U
Nokia 5233 Fascinate
Nokia E73 Mode Vibrant
Nokia N8 i897 Captivate
Nokia C6 Epic 4G
Nokia E5 Acclaim
Nokia C5 Intercept
Nokia C5 TD-SCDMA i225 Exec
Nokia X5 TD-SCDMA S5330 Wave533
Nokia X6 16GB S5250 Wave525
Nokia 6700 slide I5801 Galaxy Apollo
Nokia 5235 Comes With Music M110S Galaxy S
Nokia C5-03 I8520 Galaxy Beam
Nokia E7 i220 Code
Nokia C6-01 M900 Moment
Nokia C7 i350 Intrepid
Nokia 5250
GW620 XPERIA X2 iPhone 3GS U8800 XCD35
GM750 Satio (Idou) iPhone 3G U8300 XCD28
GW550 XPERIA X1 iPhone U8110 Streak
GM730 XPERIA X8 iPhone 4 U8100 Aero
KT770 XPERIA X10 mini pro iPad U8230 Mini 3iX
Incite XPERIA X10 mini U8220
KT610 Vivaz pro U8150 IDEOS
KS20 Aspen U8500
KS10 Vivaz
Fathom XPERIA X10
Optimus Q
KH5200 Andro-1
GT540 Optimus
GW820 eXpo
GM730 Eigen
Optimus Chic E720
Optimus M
Optimus S
Optimus T
Optimus One P500
Optimus Z


  1. Yesterday your receptionist has subcribe nexG Tv for one week and charged 35/- rupees. But I want to inform you that my mobile phone is not supported this service. I have tried several times sms on 52727. But all times its fail. so I request you that pl. unsubcribe the service.

  2. my mobile number is 9413314634 (Rajasthan circle). every month is automatically charging 99/- without using the service. I want to unsubsribe, but the message is being not sent at 52727 and 577761099. please deactivate and unsubscribe this cheater service with immediate effect from my mobile number

  3. my post paid bsnl mobile number,9413314634 is being unnecessarily charged 99/-per month without using its service, and is charging 99/ – every month. there is no number for unsubscription.

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