MTNL Mumbai – Fleet Management Service (FMS)

MTNL Mumbai has Fleet Management Service (FMS) w.e.f 9th February, 2010. This service can add a new dimension to the Business of companies like Courier, Taxi etc. who may require the location of their fleet/person. The service allows tracking of people/vehicle in real time basis. Currently the accuracy is approximately 1 k.m for Mobile handsets not supporting AGPS. For handsets which support AGPS feature, the accuracy will be approximately 100 meters.

This service is for Enterprise Customers and is not meant for Consumers. Following is the process of availing the service.

01 The Enterprise Customer will have to purchase Sim Card minimum 5 in number from any of the existing channels.
02 All the Sim Cards should be in the name of Company/Customer making request for FMS.
03 Existing Sim Card can also be used for this service
04 Customer will apply for FMS Service in Prescribed Proforma containing Name, Address and List of Mobile Numbers to be activated for the Service.
05 Along with Form he will also submit one time Activation Charge of Rs. 9950/- in the form of Demand Draft to SDE (VAS-Billing)
06 The service will be provided within three working days. Training will be given to the new Customer about the Service.

How to Use the Service:

The user will be given a username and password to manage the service.[source]

Following facilities are available in the system:

  1. Find location of the fleet
  2. Assign a name or number to the fleet
  3. Assign Task
  4. [advt]Send SMS
  5. Manage sub managers
  6. Manage group
  7. View Reports

Tariff of the Service:

Following are the tariffs for the service:

Sl. No. Head Charges Remark
1 One Time Activation Charge Rs.9,950/- One time
2. Up to 100 Connection Rs.90/- Per connection/month
3. 101 to 499 Connections Rs.70 Per connection/month
4. 500 to 1999 Connections Rs. 60/- Per Connection/month
5. 2000 to 4999 Connections Rs. 50/- Per Connection/month
6. Beyond 5000 Rs. 40/- Per Connection/month

If the customer is using voice/sms the charges will be extra and will be as per chosen plan. However the sms or task etc sent from the system will be free.

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