News Aggregator – Aggregates 1000s of News Sources is a free news discovery & delivery service and on of the easiest way to read your local and national newspapers. It has pre-aggregated feeds from over 100 Indian newspapers (globally 2000 newspapers in 6 countries) so that you can browse and add the sections you want from your favorite newspapers in seconds.

From NewsDrink, you click through to read the full news stories at the content provider’s website the same way as you click on a link to a website from a search engine like Google. Some news providers charge for some of their content (e.g. the Wall Street Journal) so you’ll have to subscribe to their service to be able to read their full content.

[advt]Beyond newspapers, have aggregated 100+ Indian magazines and 7000+ Indian blogs which represents collectively the largest, instantly accessible group of Indian publications ever assembled. allows you to read your news anywhere: website, all-in-one-email, Android/iOS/Blackberry apps.

If you are a publisher or blogger and your publication is not included in NewsDrink, you can suggest a news source or topic is missing via their feedback page.

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