BrandMyMail – Email Platform to Add Dynamic Content to User Mail

BrandMyMail is a web-based platform that allows business and consumer users to add dynamic content within their email messages. The service enables business and individual users to build a brand presence through the in-email presentation of nearly real-time social content. Operating through a simple extension, BrandMyMail can seamlessly pull multiple content sources into the Gmail, including Facebook statuses, Twitter feeds, and more.

Available for Gmail, this service works with a series of pre-defined templates that are created by its users, and that bring together content such as social media updates, blog posts and also content that’s been posted on sites such as Quora. So, if you build bonds with new clients using email this is a service that’ll let you do it much better and faster, for the simple reason you’ll be able to show more of you in a single message.

Instead of having leads click on links to learn exactly who you are and what you do, you can include a couple of Twitter updates along with some blog posts within any email you’re sending, and use that to introduce yourself.

[advt]And leaving aside the professional uses something like this can have, there’s no denying that you can also use BrandMyMail to create much more colorful emails. Something like will let you keep friends updated on all that you’ve been doing without even having to do that much typing yourself. The updates and blog posts you choose to include will do all the talking.

How does BrandMyMail work?

BrandMyMail is a service that transforms emails before they are delivered to recipients: emails that you send using the BrandMyMail service pass through our servers, where your templates are applied, and are then sent to their final destination through your SMTP server. It don’t deliver emails to their final destination using server.

If you use Gmail in a browser, then you can install BrandMyMail browser extension that takes care of passing the email through server before it is delivered. If you use an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Android and others, it can add BrandMyMail as an additional email “account”.


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