Mobli – Real -Time Visual Platform For Subject-Based Channels

Mobli is a real-time visual platform made up of subject-based channels such as people, places and topics.  It allows people to see the world through the eyes of others as they happen, where they happen.  It has created a website integrated to iPhones, Android and Blackberry apps that unlock the power of social media. It unlocks the hidden potential of social media by leveraging the power of smartphones, enabling people to quickly and easily share & experience events via high-quality videos and photos uploaded on-location and in real-time.

[advt]With the integration of channels and geo-location, Mobli enables people to share their special occasions, experiences or interests, with communities of individuals who will appreciate them.

For example, concert-goers, celebrity fans, wedding attendees, car enthusiasts and families can all share pictures and videos of an occasion, experience or interest with like-minded communities.

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